1xBet Customer Wins Over $113,000


Nigerian 1xBet Customer Wins Over $113,000

Do you know which match is considered the most lucrative in the world? It’s the English Championship play-off final. The winner of this game advances to the Premier League and receives £100 million, even if they finish last. Additional tens of millions are guaranteed to the team if it goes on to win the Premier League. In comparison, the maximum amount of UEFA prize money that can be received by the winner of the 2022/23 Champions League is 69.5 million euros.

These tournaments may not seem that similar at first glance. But what brings them closer together is the opportunity to bet on football at 1xBet. The top bookmaker’s betting markets include matches from the Champions League, the Championship, and, of course, the English Premier League. A 1xBet player from Nigeria brilliantly exploited this opportunity, winning over $113,000 by betting on matches across all three tournaments.

The winning bet was placed on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of not only Ireland but also Nigeria. The player’s substantial winnings undoubtedly made the holiday more enjoyable. Though the bet was large, the total odds were nearly 26 for just six matches, confirming that 1xBet odds are truly high.

Here’s what the player’s winning predictions looked like:

  • Napoli to beat Eintracht Frankfurt — 1.458
  • Real Madrid to beat Liverpool — 2.36
  • Brighton to beat Crystal Palace — 1.425
  • Blackburn to beat Reading — 1.7
  • Burnley to beat Hull City — 1.7
  • Luton Town to beat Bristol City — 1.83.

As a result, the six-event accumulator received odds of 25.932, and by betting $4,372.02, the 1xBet client won $113,374.45!

«I have been betting on 1xBet for about one or two years. I chose to play here because the site never has problems with withdrawing funds. I prefer express bets, as they bring more money. I will spend my winnings in the same way I spent other funds received—I will invest in the project I am working on,» said the happy 1xBet client.

This player’s experience demonstrates that accurate predictions at 1xBet can lead to not only exhilarating emotions but also a substantial sum, making watching future matches even more enjoyable. Perhaps you will even be able to treat your family, as the lucky Nigerian is preparing to do.

All you need to do is start by registering at 1xBet if you haven’t already. The global betting brand provides the opportunity to earn from matches in tournaments whose participants play thousands of kilometres away. Best of all, players can feel these victories as vividly as if they were on the field themselves.


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