5 interesting bets on Eurovision 2023


5 interesting bets on Eurovision 2023: 1xBet analyzes the contestants' chances

The global betting company 1xBet accepts bets not only on sports but also on events from other areas of life. One of them is Eurovision 2023. This year, the largest music competition in Europe will be held from 9 to 13 May in the UK. A wide line with options for every taste is already available on the 1xBet website and mobile applications.

For those who love nostalgia and favorites: Sweden win with 1.65

The country of Carlson, the ship Vasa and Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be represented this year by Loreen. The singer, who had already competed in 2012 and won, decided to enter the second time the same river. According to 1xBet analysts, Loreen is the main favorite of the contest. By the way, the only artist who won Eurovision twice was the Irishman Johnny Logan, who shone in the 1980s.

You can’t win a battle with a former glory, but the audience remembers the singer and her song Euphoria, which topped the charts in 16 European countries — a record figure in the contest history. Loreen is also an activist and fights for women’s rights, which will add whists to her in the eyes of many music lovers and jury members.

For those who love to play the imaginary guitar: Latvia will be the best among the Baltic countries with 7,5

With 1xBet, you can bet on the semi-finals and finals outcomes, the range of places a particular country will take, and which country will be the best in certain regions. Such bets are interesting for those who like to compete with their neighbours — for example, in the Balkans, Scandinavia or the Baltic countries.

Why do Sudden Lights have the potential to be a favorite in at least this category? Because they know how to make a show out of nothing. Check out at least the music video for the song Aijā, which they will perform in Liverpool. There are the skills of playing an imaginary guitar and a pleasant sound, where rock riffs coexist with techno-rhythms. Also, Aijā was conceived as… a lullaby that would be nice to fall asleep to. In betting, there is a term sleeper about a hidden favorite — well, this is the case.

For those who believe the Germans always win: Germany will be the best of the Big Five with 51

England, France, Italy, Spain and Germany form the so-called Big Five, whose representatives automatically enter the final. And this year, the Germans are considered the underdogs in the struggle for victory among the Big Five countries.

The gothic metal band Lord of the Lost, not only in name but also in style, resembles the famous Finnish band Lordi which won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. Amid the sleek competing countries’ representatives, these guys stand out and can put on a show that will be hard to forget.

For those who know how to use trends: Armenia win with 111

According to the results of March, the song Future Lover performed by the Armenian singer Brunette was the leader in views on the official Eurovision channel. Likes, shares, respect — if the approval wave in social networks grows, Brunette will have a chance to rank highly in the final. You can play it safe and bet that the Armenia representative will just get into the top 10 — for this, the odds from 1xBet is 1.8. But if you’re willing to take the risk and break the bank, it’s time to believe in yourself and place a bet. As the most famous band from the city where the competition will be held sang, you were only waiting for this moment to be free.

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